Thursday, 13 January 2011

Which benefits can Social Media have for a business?

Social Media is a MUST right now, what everybody uses and everybody talks about. But most of this people don't know exactly what it is and why it is so powerful. The following post shows some of the most important benefits social media can bring to a business because of its great influence and million users.

PR professionals should especially take them into account as it is a very important tool they can use to deliver messages about their company to a huge amount of people and through that gain trust and even more customers or people to support the organisations they are working for.

This video is my first attempt of a kind of a more professional video after we were asked to do so at our Social Media workshop at University. In this video there is a short insight on what social media is about. After shortly exploring social media, the reasons why it can be useful for any business are showed.

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